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Google Platforms

To have a successful business you need to register on several platforms that will give you a good idea of how you do in the digital space. Want to track your site activity? Google Analytics and the Google Search Console are used for this purpose. How to appear with the right google ads – well, with the right keywords and great ad text. You want to target a specific audience on social networks, through Facebook Pixel and Facebook Business Manager we will help you reach your audience. You also have a physical store, great, with Google My Business you will be situated in Google Maps. Reserve consultation with us for the appropriate platforms for your business.

Creative Strategy

Creative strategy is the big idea of how and what you want your customers think about your brand. Also called message strategy. So let’s us translate your one-way message into a selling conversation with your audience. And remember – it is not important what you said, but what others understood. That’s where the art and science of advertising come together.


Do you need a website? Great! We have prepared several options to give you the greatest possible choice and to meet your expectations.

Creating a WordPress website (one page)
One page website is suitable for businesses that provide up to three services and want to be remembered with both unique design and high speed.
– You have a choice of design
– File manager
– 1 text page
– 20 photos in gallery
– 1 inquiry form
– 1 language version

Creating a WordPress website (business)
Choose a business website if you offer services and have a portfolio that you want to focus on. The site does not have a shopping cart, you cannot sell your products, if you have products or services that you would like to sell directly from your site, choose an online store.
– You have a choice of design
– File manager
– 10 text pages
– 150 photos in gallery
– 2 forms of inquiry
– 1 language version

Creating a WordPress website (online store)
An online store created on the WordPress platform is the ideal place where you can sell your products. The WordPress platform is the most widespread for making websites. This is no coincidence, in this platform we have the opportunity to create a unique website in itself, exactly to the needs of your business. 90% of our customers choose WordPress to make their website.
– You have a choice of design
– File manager
– 20 text pages
– 500 photos in gallery
– 1000 products, 25 of which we will upload for FREE
– 50 categories, 5 of which we will create for FREE
– 2 forms of inquiry
– Shopping cart
– Payments through the website and / or cash on delivery
– 1 language version

Creating a WordPress website (online store – multilanguage)
Of course, we have also taken care of creating an online store created on the wordpress platform in two languages, if you want to expand your business.
– You have a choice of design
– File manager
– 20 text pages
– 500 photos in gallery
– 1000 products, 20 of which we will upload for FREE
– 50 categories, 5 of which we will create for FREE
– 2 forms of inquiry
– Shopping cart
– Payments through the website and / or cash on delivery
– 2 language versions

Create an online store with Shopify
Choose an online store in Shopify if you want us to create it, and subsequently, you can maintain it yourself. Shopify is a platform that is extremely easy to work with and if you have free time you could handle the maintenance yourself. Of course, if you have to, we are always there for you. Keep in mind that Shopify has developed an easy platform, but they have a monthly fee, it can vary depending on the site you choose. The price can be $ 29 or $ 299, we can tell you this only when you already have a selected theme that you liked for your website.
– You have a choice of design
– Free hosting
– Unlimited number of photos in the gallery
– 2000 products, 20 of which we will upload for FREE
– Unlimited number of categories, 5 of which we will create for FREE
– 1 inquiry form
– Shopping cart
– Payments through the website only via PayPal or ePay and / or cash on delivery
– 1 language version
* An additional monthly fee is paid to Shopify

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing in which your customers receive the message you want to send them in your email. We can send various creatives to a specific audience. Files with active links, visual images, and multimedia can be added to the body of the email or attached to it. And the best part is that after conducting the email campaign we provide you with the results of it.

Social Media

Instagram & Facebook + Linkedin (on demand)

Basic pack – 10 posts / month + 5 stories
– best for businesses that want to have a social media presence but do not rely on selling trough these platforms.
– Compelling “bio” copy – Monthly posting plan preparation
– Copywriting for all posts
– Monthly report of results
*No graphic design included / all posts must be provided by the client
* No boosting included in the offer

Standard pack – 20 posts/month + 10 stories
– best for businesses that want to drive traffic to their website through their social media accounts.
– Compelling “bio” copy
– Monthly posting plan preparation in advance
– Engaging copywriting for all posts
– 9 till 5 – Community management
– Likes & Comments on niche related posts
– Monthly report of results
**Basic design included in the offer, posting resources provided by both client and us.
** No boosting included in the offer

Premium pack – 20 posts/month + 15 stories
– best for businesses that want to sell solely on social media.
– Compelling “bio” copy
– Beautifully designed posting grid
– General monthly posting plan preparation in advance + additional posts on the go
– Engaging copy writing for all posts
– 24/7 Community management
– 50 BGN post boosting
– Likes & Comments on niche related posts
– Following of accounts who likely to be your audience and give you follow back In this way followers count will increase
– Monthly report of results
***Graphic Design included in the offer.


When starting a business you will need clean photos of your products, with good positioning, suitable for your site, as well as for social networks and online advertising. We photograph your products so that they look their best, we take into account every detail and take the necessary time for each product. The results are beautiful, clean and clear photos that show the products in their best light.

Logo Design

Let us know what your business is like, your company name and your preferences, and we will create a logo that fully corresponds to your idea. Every logo we create is not just a symbol, it carries a message. We know the secrets to creating a successful company logo, trust us.

Digital Strategy

There are plenty of digital channels where you can meet your prospects. But do you need to be present in all of them to have a better chance for selling? Surprisingly, the answer is no. Actually the more you scatter your efforts, the less effective in your communication you are. We will analyze and suggest a mix of digital channels that have a better access to your target audience and propose a communication strategy that would speak their language best.


The design of your corporate or personal presentation is the first thing your audience will notice. Let’s blow them away by helping you design the most appealing and engaging Powerpoint presentation they’ve ever seen. All you need to do is give us the topic and the content for it and we will do the rest. And if you lack the content, don’t worry, we can do that for you, too. Plus, we will coach you presentation skills for 30 minutes according to your content.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a service that aims to create a unique, attractive and memorable advertising image that will properly convey your message. Composed of graphic elements, photos and text, which combine with perfectly selected colors. You want your ad to be visible – trust us. We can create your logo, business cards, flyers, catalogs, images for your website and social networks.

Brand Identity

You have a brilliant business idea or you have an amazing product? Great, but so do many other entrepreneurs. The Brand identity is what will make your brand stand out design-wise. All the tangible elements that your brand has, such as: color code, shapes and fonts, corporate website, social media graphics, your business cards and the uniforms your employees wear must be planned early enough in order to support your future brand image.


The copywriting service we offer is a technique for writing texts in an original way, so that they can be indexed by google algorithms and accordingly be taken to higher positions in search. You can count on us to create unique articles and know – no project is too big or too small. Regardless of the field of your activity, we will create the appropriate content.

About us.

we are your trusted partner.

Who are we?

We don’t like to be called an agency. You are not just a client for us, you are a partner with whom we will build a successful business. After many years of experience in this field, we realized that we best help people like you, people with ideas and business acumen, who are ready to build their own brand, but do not know where to start.

What differentiates us?

You’ve probably heard of artificial intelligence? Fortunately, it can’t be found here. We believe much more is required than a software, to build a successful brand. The secret of successful businesses lies in the small details, the creative strategy and the overall concept of creating the brand, which is why our team is the best option.We live in times, when everything is automated and controlled by artifial intelligence and robots. However, that’s not the case with BrandBuilder. We are a team which considers the human factor and personal attitude the most important.

And what is important to you?

Why choose us?

We work with you, not for you. Our packages are designed to be the most suitable for different businesses, depending on the goals. However, if you do not find the exact one combination of services for your business, you can choose from a specially developed Brand builder calculator, which instantly calculates your initial digital investment.

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