Let us first explain what Artificial Intelligence (AI) means.

AI is a system that enables a computer or a machine to make decisions faster and in most cases more accurately than a human does. How is this possible? Well, this system analyses a huge amount of pre gathered data that enables a computer to learn about users’ needs. Various applications of AI are functioning already. For example, online customer support very often is such. Imagine you encountered a problem with Facebook services, for instance and you need to talk to the customer support via chat. You explain your problem in the chat box and get a detailed answer right away. Have you ever thought how a person can answer your customer request within a second? Well, humans cannot but Artificial Intelligence can. Therefore, very often, a machine is responsible for the very kind and fast replies you get on the other side of the chat. But wait, let’s think for a second. These answers are possible because in most cases people encounter the same problems using platforms such as Facebook or any other websites. This huge amount of data is being analyzed and a set of rules is being created. The machines are designed to follow these rules to give you intelligent answers of all possible questions that you might have. In many cases, AI is an amazing system that simplifies humans work. However, they are not programmed to THINK in a non-data based way. Meaning they lack CREATIVITY. They cannot come up with an entirely new idea, unless it has been programmed before.

Let us now take a look at the meaning of Brand Building.

In its essence, brand building is a process that starts with the generation of a CREATIVE, somewhat new idea that will later on turn into a successful business.

We have recently witnessed software being able to create your logo automatically by previously given set of requirements such as style, brand name, tag line, general look and feel required. Plus, you need to review and evaluate several logos that the software provides, in order for the AI to LEARN what your attitude towards logo design is. That is all. The software will suggest various logos, based on the information you provided. That is great. However, this is not how a successful, professional logo is being created. A logo is much more than just a picture or a tag in a certain color that belongs to your brand. There is much more work to be done before you determine what logo will be most suitable for your business idea. Did you know that red color, for example, implies danger? Imagine you wanted to start a company for professional security services and you choose a red colored logo. What trust would you establish in your potential customers? AI, however, does not tell you that.

You need a professional who can THINK, who knows how to analyze the industry, how to scan your competitors branding, color-code and shapes meanings and how all these factors influence customer behavior in order to suggest the most influential combination of elements for your logo.

Part of brand building is your slogan, too. The slogan needs to speak for your value, for what you believe in, for what is the purpose of your business, for your “why”. How would AI be able to evoke emotions in your customers, when it itself is unable to feel such? And emotions are very often the reason why a person would buy a product or service.

Fortunately, in BrandBuilder. we do not lose the human touch, we think out of the box, not in the box (as AI does). We work WITH you. Not FOR you. Ready?  Let’s do it together.


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