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We don’t like to be called an agency. You are not just a client for us, you are a partner with whom we will build a successful business. After many years of experience in this field, we realized that we best help people like you, people with ideas and business acumen, who are ready to build their own brand, but do not know where to start from. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We will let you focus on your own field, while we focus on developing your brand as our own.

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What differentiates us?

You’ve probably heard of artificial intelligence? Fortunately, it can’t be found here. We believe much more is required than a software, to build a successful brand. The secret of successful businesses lies in the small details, the creative strategy and the overall concept of creating the brand, which is why our team is the best option. We live in times, when everything is automated and controlled by artificial intelligence and robots. However, that’s not the case with BrandBuilder. We are a team that considers the human factor and personal attitude the most important for our clients.

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Why choose us?

We work with you, not for you. We are the partner who cares for your business as we care for our own. Therefore our packages are individually designed to suit different businesses, depending on their goals, needs and capacities. Our cooperation always starts with researching and analyzing your current and potential market and developing a marketing strategy to reach more customers and acquire new territories. 
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Brand Identity

Have a great business idea and have an amazing product or service? Great, but that's not enough to stand out from the competition. Brand identity is what will make you different, such as: the color code, shapes, elements and fonts you will use, as well as the look you will give to your site, social networks, business cards and even the uniforms of your employees. All these elements must be planned early enough, because they will be the ones that will help you build the perfect image and visibility for your brand in the future!

Logo design

Tell us about your business, the name of the company and your logo preferences, and we will create a logo that fully corresponds to your brand image. Every logo we create is not just a symbol, it carries a message. We know what makes a logo noticeable. Book a free consultation with us to discuss exactly what logo your business idea needs.

Social Networks

We can create your company profiles on social networks, as well as set up the entire business suite panel so that you can start attracting customers without any problems. In addition, we can create a monthly posting plan with copywriting for each post for you to pay attention to the rest of it. Book a free consultation to discuss your business needs.


Starting a business and need a website? We can take care of it together by choosing the most appropriate platform on which to build it. The process of creating a website must go through a consultation with our marketing team and guidance from web developers and web designers, so that the overall user experience and customer journey on the site can be refined to the smallest detail. Book a free consultation with us now through the contact form on the website.

Creative Strategy

This is the big idea behind the little tricks you use to build the image your brand deserves. We will help you devise and implement both a comprehensive communication strategy and individual campaigns to turn the monologue into a dialogue with your customers. Remember - it's not what you say that matters, it's what others "hear".


The copywriting service is a technique for writing texts in an original way, so that they can be indexed by google algorithms and accordingly be brought to higher positions in search. You can count on us to create unique articles and texts under posts and know - no project is too big or too small. Regardless of your business field, we can create the appropriate content.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing is a science and an art. In order to be successful, we need a lot of both. We work with our clients to find their marketing direction and create a sustainable and successful marketing strategy through the brand sprint model. If you need to define the right direction, find the right target groups and overall positioning of the brand, do not hesitate to contact us for a one-day “Brand sprint” exercise with a marketing professional from our team.

Company presentations

Have you heard the expression: on the shoes they welcome, on the mind they send? The same goes for building a presentation. Design is the first thing your audience will notice. We will help you amaze them by creating the most creative and interesting presentation they have ever seen. All that is required of you is to provide us with the topic and content, and we will handle the rest. And even if you don't have the content, don't worry, we can do it for you. In addition, we will provide you with a FREE 30-minute online consultation on how to present the content in the most captivating way possible.

Advertising campaigns

We run ads on social networks. If you don't know technically how to work with Facebook's business suite, don't worry, we'll do it for you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing in which your customers receive the message you want to send to their email. We may send various creatives to a specific audience. Files with active links to products or services, as well as visual images and multimedia, can be added to the text of the email or attached to it. And the best part is that after conducting the email campaign we provide you with the results of it. Great, isn't it!

Online Strategy

There are dozens, even hundreds of online networks, sites, platforms where you can find potential customers for your business. But do you need to have an account in each of them to sell more? Surprisingly, the answer is no. Even if you try to be everywhere, you lose the power you can have in several well-chosen platforms. We can offer you a mix of the most appropriate channels for your product or service, given the customers you are looking for, and build a communication strategy that speaks the customer's language.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a service that aims to create a unique, attractive and memorable advertising image that will properly convey your message. Composed of graphic elements, photos and text, which are combined with perfectly selected colors. You want your ad to be visible - trust us. We can design your logo, business cards, flyers, catalogs, images for your website and social networks.

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