Are you sick of sending countless emails and have them get deleted or marked as spam? Do you want to be sure that the emails you send are effective and will meet the goals you set? We at BrandBuilder are going to share three dos and don’ts in email marketing.We believe that these six tips that we are going to share will help you because they have proven their results to us.

  1. Personalization.

The first and one of the most important things in writing an email is to make it personal. There are still companies that do not personalize their emails and this is wrong. It has been proven that emails that contain the name of the person to whom they are addressed are opened much more than a normal email. Even if you have a large database, write as if you are talking to one person. Don’t use the plural because that makes the email generic and the person reading it might not recognize themselves. Let us share with you a trick that marketers use! Add the name of the person you are writing to in the “Subject” field and you will see the results yourself.

  1. Short and simple email.

You probably know from personal experience that when you get a long email you just open it and don’t read it. Of course – who likes to read long emails with hard to read paragraphs? What we at BrandBuilder have seen as “working emails” have always been those that were short and structured. Always leave a line of space between your paragraphs. Avoid repetitive words, phrases or clichés such as “I hope to find you in good health”. Write what you have to write directly. People would appreciate a short and clear email more than a long one full of artificial sentences that are just there for filler.

Before you send your communication, make sure it looks good. It’s fine not to use serif fonts unless it’s part of your branding. Underline and italicize only the main ideas in the text. A tip from us – when you can, add a banner or any other visual element to the communication, people engage more with this type of emails.

  1. A clear goal.

The goal of email marketing is more than just opening and reading the emails you send. This is only the tip of the iceberg as they say, but there are other things to consider below the tip. One of those things is the value of the email. People should know what to do by reading the text. Before writing a communication, ask yourself:

– What do I want to achieve with my email?

– What do I want people who read the text to do?

– I want to sell a product/service?

– I want them to know about my company and what I offer?

It is very important to know what you want to achieve with your email so that you can clearly set goals that you can then track and see if the strategy you set is working or not. Whatever your goal, always include a call to action (CTA). Give your readers clear and direct instructions on what you want from them. For example: “If you need a marketing partner for your business, call us at +359 882 257 057.”

Now that you know what to do, let’s tell you the three most common mistakes we’ve seen in email marketing.

  1. Don’t overdo it with emails.

You certainly do not enjoy receiving more than three emails from the same recipient. Trust us, your customers don’t like it either. If you want to be a “welcome guest” in their mail, don’t “spam” them. Minimize the communication you send them. Stick to two emails per month.

  1. Do not write your emails with the purpose of selling (hard selling).

No one likes “cheeky salespeople”. If you’re sending communications that sound like, “buy our products, they’re the best on the market” or similar, trust us, you’ll have more unopened emails than opened ones. Nowadays, email is more about building relationships, trust, rapport than focusing on your products being the best on the market. Let your customers say it! The advice that we at BrandBuilder can give you and have seen work is the 3:1 formula (three value building emails and one promotional email).

  1. Do not use the following words.

These are the words that spam filters send straight to spam folders. After the tips we’ve given you, the text you’ve written might sound great, but there are words you absolutely must avoid because we marketers call them “spam words”. Here are some of them: order now, free, bonus, exclusive deal, congratulations.

Email marketing has its specifics, and they can vary depending on the specific business and industry in which it operates. It is for this reason that we have given you 6 tips that are valid regardless of your business and that you can easily apply.

Antoana Bakalova – Copywriter

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