Many people ask the question – what are the secrets of a successful online store. We at Brand Builder want to give you some tips and guidelines that are sure to help you.

1. If you still have no idea, it’s time to think and choose something that you are the best at, something that will set you apart from the competition, something that you enjoy and do with pleasure.

2. Choose a logo, slogan and color scheme that you will use for your online store and for social networks. They must be very well chosen so as to leave a mark in the mind of the user. You need to create a complete concept for your brand that will be recognizable. Remember, we can help you.

3. Choose the right platform for your online store. We recommend this to be WordPress or Shopify, as they are quite common, this is no accident. They have a number of advantages and are a budget option for creating an online store. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both platforms:

• Free basic installation
• A variety of topics and options for individually creating the website according to your needs. For example – adding a form to the website in order to increase the email list with your potential customers, adding calculators to the website, subscribing to products, adding reviews to the website, coming from social networks and much much more.
• Excellent SEO capabilities.
• Widespread platform.
• Relatively easy to optimize.
• You pay for hosting.
• A programmer is needed to fix bugs and problems.
• Some extensions and themes are paid.
• There is a need for a lot of additional extensions or modifications.

• Easy to use platform.
• Quick configuration.
• Free hosting.
• It is not free, there is a monthly fee.
• Extensions are paid.
• SEO in Shopify does not provide such good opportunities.

4. The visual appearance of the website is extremely important. It should be not only convenient and easy to shop, but also beautiful. It has been proven that good looking online stores sell many times more. Also pay attention to the mobile version. The site should look equally good when opened by any computer and phone.

5. Focus on quality content on the website. Your customers want to know more about you and your products, but at the same time they don’t want to be bored. Carefully choose the texts you want to share so that they are interesting and exciting and memorable.6. It would be nice if your online store has more than 1 payment method. It is not enough for your customers to pay by cash on delivery, consider paying by card. This method is fast and convenient and more and more people prefer it.

7. Make a blog on the website. People love to read interesting articles and a well-structured blog can get you to higher positions in google in organic search. Remember, the blog must have unique content, do not copy texts from other sites, so you will not climb to the top positions in search engines.

8. For a successful online store it is mandatory to have a security certificate. This certificate will help you ensure the protection of your users. In addition, you need general terms of the site and different types of policies – for return, for delivery, for the use of cookies. This way, your customers will be able to trust you and shop, knowing that they are protected.

9. In addition to texts and images are extremely important. It is important for consumers to see clearly what you want to show them. For this reason, photos on a clear background with a slight accent are appropriate. If you do not have photos on a white, clean background, you need to either take pictures of your products or download images from the Internet. You cannot use all the images you find on google, for example, they are copyrighted and you may be penalized. You need to buy photos. There are many websites that offer such services.

10. Deliver fast! No one likes to wait, we advise you to send shipments every day and deliver as quickly as possible. Make free shipping on purchases over a certain amount to stimulate consumers.

11. Run promotions and hand out discount codes. Create online campaigns and distribute codes with various discounts to encourage your customers. Sometimes even 5% matter.

12. Create profiles on social networks that suit your business – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and others. Maintain them by uploading posts at least twice a week. Posts must be with carefully selected photos and relevant text. Remember that there are subtleties that we at Brand Builder can help you with, for example if you choose to advertise on Facebook, use Facebook Pixel to track who the people you are attracting and target them again, so there are many more greater chance of sale.

13. Invest in advertising – promote posts on social networks and create an account on the Google Ads platform. Google Ads only works when set up correctly, contains the right types of campaigns and ads, and is maintained on a regular basis.

14. Research the competition – before you start, study the competition. Research not only their online store, but also their social networks, see where they are most active and ask yourself why.

15. Do Analytics – Use the Google Analytics platform to track traffic to your website and check where the most clicks on the website are and where your sales are coming from. This way you can find out who the people who are shopping from you are and target the right audience in the future.

Now that you have the basics, what are you waiting for? Make your online store successful.


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